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Early morning panoramic tour on hot air balloon over Tuscany with local breakfast


Tuscany countryside


✓ Hot air balloon tour
✓ Breakfast

Tour description

Let us show you the real authentic Tuscany standing in a wicker basket thousands of feet up in the air, looking down at forests, vineyards and historic towns. There’s nothing quite like flying in a hot air balloon over the Florentine Chianti hills.

You will fly in the early morning, the balloon flight normally lasts just over an hour and the balloon pilot and his crew will guide your flight, lifting off in the heart of the Chianti wine region, bringing serenity and wonder.

After landing you will be served a Prosecco breakfast with local produce, the renowned Pecorino cheeses and a light Olive oil tasting with Tuscan bread, the genuine taste of the best of Tuscany. A cross country drive back to the launch field in the chase vehicle will conclude your wonderful early morning excursion. Depending on the weather will be possible to flight in the evening.







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