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Topping the Dome


Historic center of Florence


✓ Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore visit
✓ Skip the line ticket for the Dome

Tour description

Get to the top of the immense Brunelleschi’s Dome, masterpiece of engineering inaugurated om 1436.

Explore the magnificent inside of the dome up close, admiring the incredible Giorgio Vasari's frescoes. Then climb the 414 stairs to get to the top of the dome of red bricks that outstands the entire city and enjoy the spectacular view from the Duomo terraces.

No doubt, it’s the best way to see Florence.





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2 reviews for Topping the Dome

  1. Euro Lover

    Wow what an amazing building! It just dominates the whole square!

  2. Joe

    Buy your tickets with Flow, skip the line and make time to climb the duomo. You get incredible views of the church from above and up close views of the frescoes in the dome. The climb is difficult and steep towards the end, but so worth it. The views are unreal once you get outside and being in such an old and sacred place is indescribable. Take your time at the top and appreciate the architecture before your descent.

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