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Gourmet cooking class and Florence local food markets


Historic center of Florence


✓ Custom cooking lesson in fully equipped professional kitchen
✓ Food shopping lesson
✓ 4-course lunch/dinner with wine tasting

Tour description

An exclusive cooking show that offers an opportunity to see and to get a feel for what goes into the preparation and design of delicious dishes. The course can be held both in the morning with lunch or in the afternoon with dinner to follow.

The lesson starts with an artisan laboratory visit and chef showroom to make known to the guests an unusual Florentine reality. Morning course includes shopping in neighborhood stores and nearby outdoor markets with the chef to learn how to recognize and select quality ingredients.

Once back in the kitchen you will start preparing the dishes that make up the chosen menu. During the lesson will be served some snacks and wine and when the dishes will be ready the gentlemen will dine or have lunch tasting what is prepared.






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