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Fiesole walking tour: Etruscan ruins, renaissance town & hilltop views


Fiesole (Florence)


✓ Professional local guide
✓ Roman theatre visit

Tour description

Immerge yourself in the ancient city of Fiesole, up in the Florentine hills, less than 10 kilometers outside of the historical center of Florence. The Eturscan founded this ciy in the 7C or 6C BC, strategically built high int the hills with a healty climate.

This village encompasses centuries of history and it is amazing well preserved. It hides a wealth of surprises: its unique view of Florence, the stones that make up the Etruscan walls, the remains of Roman baths, the green hilltop where Leonardo da Vinci first experimented with the concept of flight, the gorgeous Mediceus villas and the Roman amphitheater.

An expert local guide will show you why this place is considered one of the most fascinating in Italy.






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