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Chianti tour and picnic with a Fiat 500




✓ Fiat 500 drive lesson
✓ Fiat 500 rental
✓ Tour leader
✓ Lunch

Tour description

Enjoy a breath-taking drive through the picturesque Chianti hills.

First will be a talk about the double-clutch driving experience and the beauty of enjoying an iconic Italian car and lifestyle. Throughout our various stops along the enchanted Tuscan country roadside your local guide will lead you across the history of this region.

After several panoramic stops you wind our way through walled cobblestone streets back to a 15th century villa where a full Tuscan gourmet lunch with sumptuous Tuscan delicacies is laid out for us to enjoy. Nothing is more relaxing than an afternoon with fabulous award-winning wines and authentic Tuscan cuisine.




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