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Boat trip on the Arno River with Aperitivo: the Florentine Gondola


Lungarno Generale Diaz (Historic center of Florence)


✓ Boat trip
✓ Aperitivo on board with view

Tour description

A one-hour journey through time to be welcomed by the Arno river, sheltered from the crowds of the city, while Florence flows on the sides of the boat, overwhelming. A unique point of view to still amaze you with the city you love and capture views you have never seen.

You will sail aboard the historic Renaioli boats. The Renaioli were those workers who, in the first half of the 20th century, took sand or gravel from a river using special small boats. These ancient and historic boats are guided by a pole that allows the boat to be pushed to different depths.

The boat tour will allow you to visit monuments such as the Palazzo della Borsa, the Uffizi and the Vasari Corridor and the inevitable Ponte Vecchio. You will also discover the Church of Limbo, San Jacopo sopra Arno, Ponte Santa Trinita, Palazzo Corsini as well as a series of other palaces and towers closely linked to the history of Florence. And in the meantime you will enjoy a delicious aperitif served in a typical basket, where you will find a Prosecco and an exquisite Tuscan Schiacciata.

The experience is available in the months between May and September.



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1 review for Boat trip on the Arno River with Aperitivo: the Florentine Gondola

  1. Julia Pasqual

    Last September we spent a beautiful afternoon watching the sunset with the sun setting…in a fantastic September…Never had an experience like this…Superlative!

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